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Air Conditioning Maintenance

A/C Maintenance Miami

A clean A/C means saving money!

Air Conditioning Maintenance

A lack of air conditioning maintenance can be devastating for your air conditioning unit. With home owners running units for more than 3,200 hours on a seasonal basis, heavy demands mean that maintenance is of the essence. Working with a professional air conditioning company can extend the life span of your system, saving you money in the future.
Maintaining your system means a routine filter change as well as bi-yearly checkups on your unit. This care, facilitated by Chill Out, can mean the difference between having to shop for a new unit and having a reliable system for years to come. Here at Chill Out, we want things to run smoothly in your home! Our expert help incorporates the latest technologies to find problems before they start.
In order to save you time and money we have provided a 19 point energy saving a/c maintenance agreement. This list outlines what we do and what we check for during tune-ups and inspections:

Common Maintenance Issues:
Chill Out provides customers with important information regarding setbacks they could experience with their units. With this information in mind, problems can be attended to before they become bigger issues. As a prominent air conditioning company we have seen a variety of system complications; condenser cleaning, refrigerant recharge, and safety control issues being the most prominent.
Your home needs a trustworthy contractor to make sure that coils get cleaned, Freon is recharged, and that unit triggers are working properly. A specialized technician can rejuvenate a unit with a simple maintenance call. General inspections ensure that every part is operational and not deteriorating with time. Contact us and prolong your unit’s lifespan.
Time and money are of the essence, Chill Out is here to save you both! Our tune-ups and services are designed to minimize your headaches. No one wants to deal with broken units on a hot South Florida day. In the long run you will be saving money, small fixes here and there can add up to big savings. In all, an updated, well maintained system can save you expensive utility bills and hassles.

19 Points Air Conditioning Maintenance:

  • Clean/change filters.
  • Check and adjust blower components
  • Check operating pressures for proper refrigerant: Charge and add up to 1 lbs if needed
  • Check thermostat calibration
  • Check safety controls where applicable
  • Check all electrical connections
  • Check voltage and amperage on motors
  • Clean condensate drain and drain pan.
  • Check & clean condenser coil
  • Lubricate accessible moving parts
  • Check air flow
  • Check starting capabilities
  • Add pan tablets to prevent algae
  • Inspect refrigerant valves for leaks
  • Adjust tension on belts
  • Inspect indoor coil for mold & mildew
  • Inspect heating coil
  • Inspect contactor points for wear
  • Inspect electrical disconnects
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