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Our team members are vastly experienced working with a variety of major air conditioning brands. Whether it be Trane, Rheem or Goodman we have you covered. Do not settle for mediocrity, choose Chill Out to assess your needs and get the job done. No matter if your unit is small or huge we will treat it with the same kind of care.

Our customers count on Chill Out for its flexible schedule and prices. When looking for an AC company you can trust with repairs and maintenance, look no further. Make the most out of your time and money by working with the right technicians backed by four decades of experience. From their certified expertise to courteous service, count on Chill Out to exceed your expectations.

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Chill Out provides the ultimate level of maintenance and repair. From the first time you pick up the phone and call us, you will feel in good hands. Our amazing service also comes at an amazing value, we will make sure to keep your home comfortable at a rate that will not make you uncomfortable. Do not allow for one more day of air conditioning troubles. Let Chill Out take care of your unit.

A/C Repair vs. A/C Replacement

When dealing with a troubled air conditioning unit you can take two roads; either repair the system or see that it is time for a replacement. Repair is often the solution when:
  • You plan on moving- if you replace a unit when the location might not be permanent you might lose your investment in the future.
  • Sometimes replacements under other brands don’t result in a cost efficient fix. Remodeling might be necessary in rare cases.
  • A system that looks trouble free and without major damages might just need a simple tune up or quick fix. Conditioning repair is the solution to get things running smoothly once again.
Chill Out’s dependable repairs are a great way to keep your home’s air conditioning system in check. However, when bigger problems are on the rise and things get out of control, our company acknowledges that maybe a replacement is in order. A couple signs that a repair might not be enough include:
  • Air conditioning units, just like any machinery, has an expiration date. They usually have an average life span of 6 to 12 years. Meaning that repairs on older systems do not comes with a guarantee. Investing on new parts or a new unit might just be more profitable.
  • Investing on a more advanced, efficient a/c unit might save you $1,000 or more over the years. This improvement saves you big money in the long run.
  • If your system lacks variable air flow your comfort might be jeopardized. Installing a new system helps with this issue, keeping the air moving and ventilating your home completely.
  • The Florida heat can be a huge factor determining the lifespan of your unit. Excess heat can make the unit give out, frequent repairs are then in order and that can drain your wallet quickly. A replacement due to his environmental factor might be more cost efficient.
  • Indoor air quality means keeping the air your family breathes free from allergens and pollutants. An unkempt, older air conditioning system can do the exact opposite of promoting breathable air. A replacement can mean a system promoting fresh, clean air into where you live.
  • Equipment rebates are usually available until May, so replacing the unit before then can save you headaches if there is a future breakdown.
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