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Air Duct Cleaning

Florida is a tricky place for those suffering from sinuses, congestions, or allergies. Having a dirty air duct does not help either. When you do not keep track of your air vent cleanings, dust and bacteria accumulate and your family’s conditions can worsen at home.
Chill Out is South Florida’s leading residential and commercial air duct cleaner. Our expertise beat the competition.
Our advanced equipment can rejuvenate your air duct and have you and your family breathing happy again.
Our company strictly follows guidelines set forth by the NADCA and the Indoor Air Quality Association to provide residents with by far the best service. Be assured that when hiring Chill Out you are working with professional technicians specialized in completing the job both quickly and effectively.
Let our advanced vacuuming system decontaminate the air in your home. Breathe easy knowing that we are here to lend a helping hand.

Take a look at our step by step air duct cleaning procedure:

  • Effective Vacuums – Our cleaning starts with one of the most powerful vacuum system available in the industry. This factor is the core of the entire cleaning process due to its effective removal of contaminants and particulates.
  • Experienced Technicians– The second most important part of your cleaning is our team of fully trained, uniformed technicians. They are no stranger to the industry’s newest techniques and tools due to our company’s vast in-home training.
  • Negative Air Pressure– We begin by running an 8” vacuum hose from the vacuum to the supply line of your system. All dust, dirt and debris is pulled directly back to the machine. No dirt will enter your home.
  • Register cleaning– The technician removes and hand washes vent covers and stacks heads with an EPA approved cleanser/sanitizer.
  • Scrubbing the System– While the system is under continuous vacuum, creating a negative pressure in the duct system, we insert our rotating brush through the trunk lines removing all traces of dirt, dust and debris.
  • Air Return System-The entire procedure is replicated on the air return side of the unit.
  • Trunks and Plenums-All trunk lines, supplies and returns, as well as all plenums are cleaned using our rotating brush. All access points will be plugged using air tight caps.
  • Blower section– Technicians will brush, vacuum and blow out the entire blower section, this makes the motor run more efficiently and protects it from overheating.
  • Sanitizing-All ductwork will be sprayed with an EPA approved, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial wash for thorough sanitizing. Non-VOC option is available upon request.
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