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Non-VOC Duct Sanitizer

Disinfect your AC system safely with this Perfect Solution

Completely Natural!!

Botanical NON VOC Disinfectant safe to use around children, pets, the elderly and individuals with sensitivities.

How is it that a disinfectant can be less toxic than vinegar but still kill germs instantly? Well, it is possible and that is exactly what Chill Out’s non-voc disinfectant does. This botanical alternative;

  • Kills over 99.99% of Bacteria
  • Virucidal (HIV-10) – Bactericidal (Including MRSA)
  • Fungicidal, Tuberculocidal
  • Made From Plant Extracts
  • Produces Pleasant Aromatherapeutic Vapors
  • No Synthetic Fragrances, Dyes, or Bleaches
  • Label contains No Cautions/ Warnings

Safety & Efficiency are one of Chill out’s main concerns. This NON- VOC choice has been tested to meet all requirements by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), thus it is safe to say that it will get the job done. A healthy environment is pivotal and the goal to our company. Chill Out can help you keep a healthy environment while promoting its wellbeing.

Botanical Origins

Plants in nature naturally produce germ-killing “essential oils” to protect themselves against harmful microbes. Just like humans reject disease with the help of antibodies, this non VOC disinfectant relieves any area of pollutants.

Chill Out’s Non VOC disinfectant combines antimicrobial extracts to achieve this maximized, natural toxicity. In general, we are providing you with a plant’s immune system in a bottle. Overall, duct sanitizers can be harsh especially if you are sensitive to chemicals. Inevitably one needs to clean their unit, but Chill Out is bringing forth a solution without the suffering.

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